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7 Actually Fun Games to Play at Your Baby Shower

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Organising a baby shower can be hard but here are some tried and tested, actually fun baby shower games. These are sure to be a hit with your guests!

Hosting a baby shower is a joyous occasion to celebrate the imminent arrival of a little bundle of joy. Along with delicious treats and heartwarming gifts, engaging in fun games adds a memorable touch to the festivities. If you’re searching for exciting and enjoyable games to entertain your guests, we’ve got you covered! Here are seven actually fun baby shower games that will create laughter, bonding, and lasting memories at your baby shower.

Blindfolded Diaper Derby:

Put the participants into teams of two, one is blindfolded and the other isn’t. Blindfolded guests must rely on touch and their sense of coordination to put the nappy on the baby doll correctly. The non-blindfolded guest can provide support but is unable to use their hands or touch the nappy/baby in any way.

For an even greater shock factor, you can introduce Nutella to the baby or nappy!

Celebrity Baby Names:

Create a list of famous celebrity parents and their children’s names or pictures. Guests must match the celebrity parent with their baby’s name or picture.

It’s a fun way to test knowledge about popular culture and celebrity trends. The guest with the most correct answers wins a prize and earns the “Baby Expert” title.

celebrities and their babies - fun baby shower game

Hold a Birthing Kit Party:

The Birthing Kit Foundation supplies Clean Birth Kits to pregnant women living in rural communities and low-resource settings around the world. Kits are given to mothers through community outreach programs, supplied to health facilities for use by doctors, midwives and nurses or distributed to traditional birthing attendants. They are designed to support hygienic practices and environments during childbirth in under-resourced settings.

The Birthing Kit Foundation is always looking for volunteers to pack these packs for them. If you are based in Australia, they can deliver 200 packs for you to assemble as a team. Whilst it may not be the funniest game, we can guarantee it will have the most impact.

Guess the Baby Food:

Prepare for some taste-testing fun with the “Guess the Baby Food” game. Remove the labels from various jars of baby food and assign each jar a number. Blindfold your guests one at a time and have them taste a spoonful from each jar. The challenge is to correctly guess the flavor of each jar. It’s a surprising and laughter-inducing game that will have everyone’s taste buds tingling.

Baby Photo Match-Up:

Prepare to “aww” and giggle with the Baby Photo Match-Up game. Ask each guest to bring a baby photo of themselves to the shower. Display the photos on a board and challenge everyone to match the baby photo with the correct adult guest. It’s a delightful way to reminisce about the past and discover everyone’s adorable baby faces.

friends enjoying a baby shower gift ideas

Price Is Right:

Put your guests’ shopping skills to the test with the “Price Is Right” game. Select a variety of baby items and display them for all to see. Guests must guess the prices of these items, and the one who comes closest to the correct total wins. It’s an engaging game that sparks excitement and showcases everyone’s knowledge of baby essentials.

Baby Belly Olympics:

For the more crazy, adventurous ones. Participants wear pillows or watermelons under their shirts to mimic pregnancy bellies and engage in various activities. The objective is to get participants to do activities that are hard to do whilst pregnant, activities like squats, shaving, painting toenails, we have even seen sumo wrestling. It’s a lighthearted and comical game that embraces the idea of pregnancy and the challenges it brings.

When it comes to hosting a baby shower, incorporating entertaining baby shower games can make the event even more memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved. These seven actually fun games are sure to create laughter, foster friendly competition, and bring out the inner child in your guests. So, gather your loved ones, get ready for some laughs, and make your baby shower an unforgettable celebration of new beginnings!

Bonus extras

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