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7 Hilarious and Relatable Dad-To-Be Videos

Dad giving relatable press conference about getting through the first trimester
Discover a collection of hilarious and relatable dad-to-be videos. Gain valuable insights and humour about the journey of fatherhood from pregnancy to newborn.

This is the first video in our series of ‘press conference’ videos from a very relatable dad-to-be. This is a humorous take on the highlights and lowlights of the first trimester of pregnancy.

Do you think you spent too much at the baby store?? I mean what type of question is that even不不

Now moving on to the second trimester from the view of a dad-to-be. We have moved on from the vomiting stage and have well and truly entered the exciting part of the pregnancy, we have ultrasounds and bumps starting to appear.

Yes, that’s right we said bumps, on mum and dad. Love the response though不不

Finally, we are in the third semester! And this is one of the funnier press conferences on fatherhood. This dad-to-be sees the humour in everything, even in the ‘trouser coughs’ and bleeding.

Pretty sure that golf day never happened but unwitting fathers are often overly optimistic.

Very funny reaction by this dad to his wife giving birth. I mean, everyone is pretty shell-shocked after experiencing the birth of their firstborn but this funny and relatable dad takes it to the next level. The bags under the eyes are starting to show不不

BTW, was that what I thought it was on his shoulder?

Bringing a baby home for the first time is at the same time the most beautiful and scariest thing to do. You leave the security of the hospital and you are on your own, this is one of the reasons we created Goldilocks.

This funny dad details his experience, talking about leaving the hospital, changing the first nappy, the first sleep night and how feeding is going.

Great video for all first-time parents, came for the humour and stayed for the meconium info不

Adjusting to having a newborn in the house is a big challenge. The ups and downs are crazy! This funny dad details his experience, talking about leaving the sleep deprivation, starting solids, reaching milestones and how putting everything in their mouth.

Love the little touch with the Dencorub being a sponsor不不

Adjusting to having a newborn is a big challenge, especially for their first Christmas! This funny and relatable dad talks about his experience, nothing is out of bounds from sleep deprivation, starting poonamis, gifts from uncles and aunts and how long it takes to get back into your normal routine.

Love the hilarious mix-up with the breast milk.

For more of our funny content, check out these ‘What if the Outrageous Parenting Advice We Received on Social Media was Real Life Videos’.

Don’t go just yet, we have something else for you. You didn’t think you would get all this without any pitch, did you?

We do offer a FREE online antenatal course run by clinicians, which gives insights that are a bit more serious than these ones.

Like we mentioned before, there is nothing more stressful than bringing a baby home from the hospital and anything that can help reduce the stress and anxiety is worth its weight in gold. The nice thing about Goldilocks is that you can just buy a singlet or you can go in as a group and buy the starter pack.

Goldilocks is the next generation of baby monitors. Seamlessly integrated into the baby singlet are sensors that detect: feeding, sleeping, breathing and temperature patterns of their baby. The advanced algorithms in our app then use this data to become a cry interpreter. This is incredibly useful for new parents, especially at 3 am when you dont want a phone call! Buy it now and thank us later.

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