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Play Video about this is what we do, this is goldilocks
Play Video about this is what we do, this is goldilocks

The future of baby monitoring is HERE

The Goldilocks Suit and smartphone app

Developed in Australia, Goldilocks is a wearable baby monitor that provides new parents with peace of mind by keeping track of baby’s sleeping, breathing, feeding, skin and core temperature patterns. The Goldilocks app gives you personalised insights and alerts about your baby’s wellbeing.


Monitor the overall feeding and wellbeing of your newborn.


Know your infant is comfortable and it isn’t a cold breeze keeping them awake.


Monitor and track your baby’s sleeping patterns to know how well they are resting.


Monitor your baby’s breathing to ensure they are comfortable.


Expert advice from clinicians providing support, when required.

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Play Video about goldilocks singlet features

comfortable, all-in-one device

Created by parents who know how many things new parents have to buy.

A cosy wearable monitor that tracks every precious moment…so the whole family gets a good night’s sleep

No need to buy several devices to monitor breathing, feeding, sleeping, skin and core temperature. Just buy one comfortable and  easy-to-use monitor.

Refer a Friend and Get Rewarded

When you purchase a Goldilocks starter kit. We will send you a coupon code to share with your friends. If they buy a starter kit, we will send you a $35 voucher to buy the next size up Goldilocks singlet.

designed and made in Australia

your safety is our priority

From the outset, Goldilocks has been carefully designed and tested using a network of senior medical industry executives, medical experts and of course, Shem and Jamin’s experience as parents.

It has been a long journey, with incredible collaborations via Amazon, Westfield, Sids and Kids, the ThincLab at The University of Adelaide, WINK, The Baby Manual and many others. 

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Socially Responsible

When you are finished with your Goldilocks singlet, don't throw it out!

Send it to us and we will refurbish it and donate it to a family in need. Goldilocks supports the circular economy.

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what have the reactions been so far?

Amazing comments from parents & industry experts

The Goldilocks Suit has gone through a number of testing sessions, evaluations and research groups to refine the features. Each step has helped us better understand what parents want in a baby monitoring device.

A young mother using the Goldilocks Suit App for iOS and Android mobile phones to monitor their baby from the living room

“I love to track feeds, because when I wake up in the night I can't remember the last feed or if she is due”

“Tracking temperature is great to work out why they woke at 3 or 4am”

“It tracks everything automatically, that is so so so handy!”

“We’re excited to be able to team up with Goldilocks Suit. It’s an intuitive partnership – that at its heart – is dedicated to help families navigate the roller-coaster ride of their baby’s sleep.

At the end of the day, we’re all about sleep education – transferring those pieces of information that we know are backed by scientific evidence. So we know they work.”

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Most Innovative Baby Monitoring Product 2022

Most Innovative Wearable Baby Monitor 2022


Startup of the Year - SA/NT 2020


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