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Planning the Perfect Nesting Party: A Guide to Celebrating Parenthood

planning the perfect nesting party
A nesting party is not only a celebration but a thoughtful way to support soon-to-be parents as they embark on their parenting journey.

Are you or a loved one expecting a bundle of joy? It’s time to celebrate the upcoming arrival with a nesting party! A nesting party is a wonderful way for friends and family to come together, share the excitement, and help the parents-to-be prepare their home for the new addition. 

A nesting party is slightly different from a gender reveal or baby shower as it is much more low-key and relaxed, with a particular focus on preparing the nest and the parents for their new babe. If you do want to read about some activities to run at a baby shower read this blog post.

In this guide, we’ll explore creative ideas to make your nesting party unforgettable.

Decorate the Nursery: Crafting Memories

Let’s start by setting the tone for the nesting party by having a crafting station. This station becomes a hub of creativity as guests channel their artistic abilities into creating handmade decorations for the baby’s nursery. From personalized banners that exude warmth to adorable mobiles that dance with joy, these crafted items will undoubtedly add a special and heartfelt touch to the baby’s living space.

Organize Baby Supplies: A Practical Touch

Transforming the potentially mundane task of organizing baby supplies into a fun and helpful activity adds a practical touch to your nesting party. Supply guests with cute labels and dividers for drawers and storage bins, making the process not only enjoyable but also ensuring that everything is easily accessible for the new parents once the little one arrives.

organised baby nursery

Pamper the Parents: A Relaxation Haven

Parenting is an incredible adventure, and your nesting party is the perfect occasion to offer the soon-to-be parents some well-deserved pampering. Create a dedicated relaxation station featuring massage oils, soothing music, and comfortable seating. Treat the parents-to-be to a mini spa experience, allowing them to unwind and strengthen their bond before the eagerly awaited arrival.

Advice Cards: Gifting Wisdom for the Future

Encourage your guests to share their wealth of parenting wisdom by providing advice cards. These heartfelt notes serve as a cherished keepsake for the new parents, offering a beautiful mix of guidance and well-wishes that they can treasure as they embark on this new chapter.

inspiration for parents that every day is a fresh start

Book Shower: Building a Library of Love

Shift away from traditional baby showers by incorporating a book shower into your nesting party. Invite guests to bring their favourite children’s books, each accompanied by a personal note explaining why it holds a special place in their hearts. This not only adds a literary touch to the celebration but also builds a library filled with love and cherished stories for the little one.

Parenting Classes or Workshops: Empowering with Knowledge

Consider elevating your nesting party experience by adding an educational element through parenting classes or workshops. Bring in an expert or an experienced parent to share valuable insights on baby care, breastfeeding, or other relevant topics. This not only enhances the overall event but also equips the parents-to-be with practical knowledge for the exciting journey ahead.

This is something we are particularly passionate about at Goldilocks. We have so many free resources which would be a great thing to watch and discuss at a nesting party. Check out Goldilocks’s antenatal playlist on Youtube and then move on to our free online antenatal course which arms new parents with everything they need to know about pregnancy and birth.

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Photo Booth: Capturing Timeless Memories

Enhance the joy and laughter of your nesting party by setting up a dedicated photo booth adorned with baby-themed props and backdrops. This not only provides a fun and memorable activity for guests but also captures timeless moments of celebration that the parents-to-be can treasure for years to come.


A nesting party is not just a celebration; it’s a thoughtful way to support soon-to-be parents as they embark on their parenting journey. From crafting decorations to organizing baby supplies, these activities contribute not only to a memorable event but also to the creation of a warm and inviting space for the new arrival.

Remember, the key to a successful nesting party is to infuse it with love, creativity, and practicality. Whether you’re the guest of honor or the party planner, these ideas ensure a joyous celebration of the impending parenthood. Happy nesti

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