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Because every precious moment counts

Enjoy your independence safely.

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The Goldilocks singlet and smartphone app

Developed in Australia, Goldilocks is built into a comfortable singlet that ensures your wellbeing by keeping track of sleeping, breathing, wandering, falls, activity, skin and core temperature patterns. The Goldilocks app gives you personalised insights and alerts to help optimise your wellbeing and assist aged care providers in meeting your needs.

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Monitor your activity for falls, wandering and physical exertion.


Easy way to monitor your skin and core temperature to ensure comfort


Monitor your sleep patterns to improve your mood and wellbeing.


Monitor you breathing to help optimise your sleep and comfort.


Assist your aged care provider with providing optimal care

Goldilocks's Aged Care Garment

comfortable, seamless monitoring

Created with input from over 200 seniors

A cosy wearable monitor that tracks every precious moment…so the whole family gets a good night’s sleep

Unobtrusive monitoring, Goldilocks is built into a comfortable singlet. It fits unobtrusively under your clothes. You won’t even notice it!

Secure data, shareable with anyone

All the Goldilocks data is securely stored on the cloud. This means you care share it with loved ones and carers.

designed and made in Australia

your safety is our priority

From the outset, Goldilocks has been carefully designed and tested using a network of aged care experts and medical device engineers.

It has been a long journey, with incredible collaborations with The University of Adelaide, ECH Inc, The South Australian Government and many others. 

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Supporters and Collaborators

artisan invests in goldilocks
goldilocks supported by south australian government

what have the reactions been so far?

Amazing comments from seniors & industry experts

The Goldilocks has gone through a number of testing sessions, evaluations and research groups to refine the features. Each step has helped us better understand what seniors want.

A young mother using the Goldilocks Suit App for iOS and Android mobile phones to monitor their baby from the living room

“No older person I know wants to go into a nursing home, we all want to stay in our own home and eat and sleep when we want”

“This makes a big difference to me, otherwise I'd need somebody here to watch me all the time to make sure I turn the heater on and stuff like that”

“This became really important for my mum after she had a fall. we wanted that peace of mind that she was ok, without taking away her independence”

“I love the concept, a singlet is a much better form factor than a watch or pendant for our clients. They are less likely to take it off and forget about it."

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Winner of SA Innovation Challenge - 2022

Alumni of Australia's Most Prestigous MedTech Accelerator - 2020


Startup of the Year - SA/NT 2020