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Next Generation Baby Monitor

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Perfect For The Active Parent​

Goldilocks works anywhere and everywhere.
No matter where you are Goldilocks can provide insights and reassurance
Next Generation Baby Monitor
  • 2 x 100% Organic Cotton Singlets
  • Choice of Size 0000 to 0
  • Machine Washable
  • Free Goldilocks App (iOS or Android)
  • 24/7 Access to Video Coaching
  • Made and Designed in Australia
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Opportunity to Monitor: Feeding, Sleep, Breathing, Skin and Core Temperature
  • 'Its nice know my baby is comfortable and developing as well as he can' - Samantha
Goldilocks starter pack

Perfect For The Active Parent

Goldilocks works anywhere and everywhere.
No matter where you are Goldilocks can provide insights and reassurance
Next Generation Baby Monitor
  • 2 x 100% Organic Cotton Singlets
  • Machine Washable
  • Choice of Size 0000 to 0
  • Free Goldilocks App (iOS or Android)
  • 24/7 Access to Video Coaching
  • Made and Designed in Australia
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Opportunity to Monitor: Feeding, Sleep, Breathing, Skin and Core Temperature
  • 'Its nice know my baby is comfortable and developing as well as he can' - Samantha

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Amazing comments from parents

The Goldilocks Suit has gone through a number of testing sessions, evaluations and research groups to refine the features. Each step has helped us better understand what parents want in a baby monitoring device.

"Tracking temperature is great to work out why they woke at 6am"
"I wish there was something like this to monitor my baby when I had my baby"
"It tracks everything automatically, that is so so handy"
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"Goldilocks gave me reassurance everything was ok, despite not being able to access other resources as easily during lockdown.
"It is nice knowing my baby is comfortable and developing as well as they can
"I love to track feeds, because when I wake up in the night I can't remember the last feed or if they are due"
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6 reasons why Goldilocks is perfect for you

easy and comfortable

A small module does all the hard work so you can see all the information on an easy to use app. The module clips easily into the supplied baby onesie that is made from soft, 100% organic cotton that lasts up to 100 machine washes.

all in one tracker

Goldilocks automatically tracks your babies; feedingbreathing, skin and core temperature or sleep. There is no need to buy anything else to measure temperature, feeding, sleep or breathing. Goldilocks is an all-in-one, value for money baby monitor.

clinician support

With all the great information available about your baby’s development, you also get to access high quality video coaching content that has been created by clinicians. Small, digestible, practical parenting advice for your baby.

everywhere and anywhere

24/7 monitoring of your baby’s wellbeing via the Goldilocks smartphone app on an iOS or Android mobile phones. You can take your baby anywhere, a friends house, the park or on holiday, it works wherever you are.

personalised insights

Personalised insights are made possible through machine learning algorithms. We get to know your baby really well. The continuous recording of data is then processed to provide unique insights about your baby’s development.

ultra low emission

Goldilocks communicates to the phone via v5.0 Low Energy Bluetooth. Not only is this the latest Bluetooth technology, but it has incredibly low emissions – making it the safest communication method for baby monitors.

Other options

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get personalised parenting insights

The Goldilocks Suit uses all the monitoring data to build a unique profile of what looks normal for your baby. We can then provide insights and coaching which is specific to your circumstances.

monitor & record your baby's development

The Goldilocks Suit can monitor many things

Welcome to the future of parenting. The team at Goldilocks have created a cutting-edge smart clothes device developed to help monitor and record your baby’s growth.

It is more than just a simple baby monitor. It can help make parenting easier by monitoring multiple aspects of the growth of your baby wherever you are, 24/7, recording it all in our App for iOS or Android.

Remove the doubts and become a more purposeful parent.

read more in our FAQ’s

Goldilocks Suit App screenshots for iOS and Android mobile phones for parents to monitor their baby easily

is the goldilocks suit safe to use?

The latest in low emission Bluetooth & biometric technology

As parents ourselves, we knew The Goldilocks Suit had to be safe to be used on a baby but to also provide peace of mind. So we designed it specifically to have;

  • 100% organic cotton material.
  • A water resistant module.
  • Latest low emmision Bluetooth (100x less than phones)
  • HIPAA certified data servers.
  • NATA certified testing.
read more in our Safety of Bluetooth Baby Monitors blog post

Super comfortable, Super easy

The Goldilocks Suit is the only monitor built into a super comfortable singlet. You are going to put your baby in a singlet already, right? Its no extra work and it goes with you everywhere.

how does the goldilocks suit work?

Clever, intuitive information to make parenting easier

The Goldilocks Suit has sensors built into the cotton singlet which detect your baby’s comfort levels. This information is fed back to the tiny bluetooth module. The data is collected and when your phone is in Bluetooth range, it sends the information to the phone. 

The phone uploads this to a database and the information is parsed through our proprietary machine learning algorithm which learns your baby’s habits. These personalised insights are then displayed on the app to provide the relevant updates or alerts as needed for the parent.

The Goldilocks team have partnered with parenting and medical experts like WINK, The Baby Manual and Mother Nurture, to include useful information in the App. Parenting tips and insights to help you do the best thing for your newborn.

Goldilocks Suit App Parenting Information Partners WINK and Mother Nurture

designed by parents, for parents

A simple, clear & concise interface

We designed the Goldilocks Suit app to be as easy to use as possible and suitable using either iOS or Android smartphones

We know how busy being a parent can be so the app has been designed to be intuitive, simple and easy to understand giving you the right information about your baby when you need it.

read more in our FAQ’s

why did we make this monitoring system

Designed by parents together with medical industry experts

It was 3 years ago we brought home our first baby, Amali. For those first few days in the hospital she was perfect and we had all the support we could have asked for. Although we soon realised as parents we needed more help. Especially at 3am when on one else was awake and we were questioning our sanity.

When we brought her home she cried the whole way home, feeling completely out of our depth and very sleep-deprived, we forgot everything we knew about babies. It wasn’t too long before we were Googling “Why is my baby crying?”, “How can I stop my baby crying so much” and “What is causing my baby to cry so long”

So we came up with the idea of Goldilocks – a smart singlet with advanced algorithms that tracks: hunger, feeding, sleep, breathing, temperature and development goals of your baby. We wanted this information displayed on an easy to use app that could deliver tips and insights into a baby’s temperament to help a parent interpret what was happening in a more logical way – a cry interpreter if you like.

Rather than create another baby monitoring device our goal was to develop something that could monitor breathing, sleeping, temperature and feeding, lots of important things. The idea was when you are rudely awoken by a screaming baby and you can’t settle them,  you can check the Goldilocks app to see information like;

  • Is my baby due for another feed?
  • Is the baby too hot or too cold? 
  • What have their breathing patterns been like?
  • What is the temperature of the room?

The idea of Goldilocks grew from there with the aim of giving parents actionable insights to help make parenting new babies easier. We have spent the last few years enlisting the help of industry experts, professionals in the medical field who are also parents & even reached out to lots of Australian adults to learn from their experiences first hand. 

We know parenting isn’t easy, but we do know that confident, happy, parents make for the best parents with a happy child.

Support from experts, when you need it most.

Bite-sized videos from clinicians providing valuable tips

The Goldilocks Suit has been designed by a team of parents who have medical expertise. We have also been supported by a number of senior industry executives in the medical industry.

Goldilocks provides bite-sized videos made by clinicians to help you resolve any issues, right when you most need it.

Goldilocks is much more then just a monitoring device, it coaches and supports you when you want it. No need to Doctor Google!

Socially Responsible

Designed with the environment in mind 

The Goldilocks Suit has been designed to be as recyclable as possible. All the packaging is recyclable and the singlet is made from organic cotton.

But you can help! Instead of throwing the Goldilocks module out, you can send it back to us and we will refurbish and donate it to a family in need – totally free of charge.

Goldilocks supports the circular economy.