more than just a baby monitor

The Goldilocks Suit tracks your baby's wellbeing and provides expert advice using cutting-edge biometrics technology.

The Goldilocks Suit

24/7 baby monitoring system
  • Bluetooth wireless module
  • 2 x 100% organic cotton baby suits
  • Choice of size 0000 to 1
  • Goldilocks Monitoring App
  • Compatible with iOS or Android
  • 24/7 access to video coaching
  • 12 month product warranty
  • Designed & assembled in Australia

30 Day money back guarantee.

For Peace of Mind and Reassurance

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an easy to use system

A small module does all the hard work so you can see all the information on an easy to use app. The module clips easily into the supplied baby onesie that is made from soft, 100% organic cotton that lasts up to 100 washes.

curated insights

Curated insights are made possible through machine learning algorithms. Data is gathered from sensors fabricated into the onesie via the bluetooth module. The continuous recording of data is then processed to provide important insights about your baby’s development.

parenting support

With all the great information available about your baby’s development, you also get to access high quality video coaching content that has been created by clinicians. Small, digestible, practical parenting advice for your baby.

monitoring wellbeing

24/7 monitoring of your baby’s wellbeing via the Goldilocks smartphone app on an iOS or Android mobile phones. You can take your baby anywhere, a friends house, the park or on holiday, it works wherever you are.

development tracking

The app provides developmental information about your baby using insights from all the anonymised data Goldilocks collects and from partnerships we have with WINK and Mother Nurture. You get access to insights that other monitors can’t provide.

clinician grade technology

The system provides proactive clinical-grade advice to help make parenting a little easier. You get access to lots of information about your baby’s wellbeing so that you can make sensible decisions or learn from the insights.

a unique system for your baby

The Goldilocks Suit works practically anywhere so you can monitor your baby when you are travelling on holidays, in the car, visiting friends or doing the shopping.

monitor & record your baby's development

The Goldilocks Suit can monitor many things

  • Breathing patterns
  • Room temperature
  • Body temperature
  • Sleeping habits
  • Feeding time
  • Development goals

Welcome to the future of parenting. The team at Goldilocks have created a cutting-edge smart clothes device developed to help monitor and record your baby’s growth.

It is more than just a simple baby monitor. It can help make parenting easier by monitoring multiple aspects of the growth of your baby wherever you are, 24/7, recording it all in our App for iOS or Android.

Remove the doubts and become a more purposeful parent.

Goldilocks Suit App screenshots for iOS and Android mobile phones for parents to monitor their baby easily

is the goldilocks suit safe to use?

The latest in low emission Bluetooth & biometric technology

As parents ourselves, we knew The Goldilocks Suit had to be safe to be used on a baby but to also provide peace of mind. So we designed it specifically to have;

  • 100% organic cotton material.
  • A water resistant module.
  • Latest low emmision Bluetooth (100x less than phones)
  • HIPAA certified data servers.
  • NATA certified testing.
read more in our FAQ’s below

how does the goldilocks suit work?

Clever, intuitive information to make parenting easier

The Goldilocks Suit has sensors built into the cotton singlet which detect your baby’s comfort levels. This information is fed back to the tiny bluetooth module. The data is collected and when your phone is in Bluetooth range, it sends the information to the phone. 

The phone uploads this to a database and the information is parsed through our proprietary algorithms. The data is sent back to the phone and displayed on the app to provide the relevant updates or alerts as needed for the parent.

The Goldilocks team have partnered with parenting and medical experts like WINK, The Baby Manual and Mother Nurture, to include useful information in the App. Parenting tips and information to make it easier to raise your child the right way.

Goldilocks Suit App Parenting Information Partners WINK and Mother Nurture

designed by parents, for parents

A simple, clear & concise interface

We designed the Goldilocks Suit app to be as easy to use as possible and suitable using either iOS or Android smartphones

We know how busy being a parent can be so the app has been designed to be intuitive, simple and easy to understand giving you the right information about your baby when you need it.

a clinician grade baby monitoring device

Designed by medical industry experts

The Goldilocks Suit has been designed by a team of parents who have medical expertise. We have also been supported by a number of senior industry executives in the medical industry.

The specially designed module has been shaped specifically to be comfortable and unobtrusive. It uses the latest Bluetooth V5.0 technology for its safe emissions, low power requirements and reliable connectivity.

why did we make this monitoring system

Designed by parents together with medical industry experts

It was 3 years ago we brought home our first baby, Amali. For those first few days in the hospital she was perfect and we had all the support we could have asked for. Although we soon realised as parents we needed more help.

When we brought her home she cried the whole way home, feeling completely out of our depth and very sleep-deprived, we forgot everything we knew about babies. It wasn’t too long before we were Googling “Why is my baby crying?”, “How can I stop my baby crying so much” and “What is causing my baby to cry so long”

So we came up with the idea of Goldilocks – a smart singlet with advanced algorithms that tracks: hunger, feeding, sleep, breathing, temperature and development goals of your baby. We wanted this information displayed on an easy to use app that could deliver tips and insights into a baby’s temperament to help a parent interpret what was happening in a more logical way – a cry interpreter if you like.

Rather than create another baby monitoring device our goal was to develop something that could monitor breathing, sleeping, temperature and feeding, lots of important things. The idea was when you are rudely awoken by a screaming baby and you can’t settle them,  you can check the Goldilocks app to see information like;

  • Is my baby due for another feed?
  • Is the baby too hot or too cold? 
  • What have their breathing patterns been like?
  • What is the temperature of the room?

The idea of Goldilocks grew from there with the aim of giving parents actionable insights to help make parenting new babies easier. We have spent the last few years enlisting the help of industry experts, professionals in the medical field who are also parents & even reached out to lots of Australian adults to learn from their experiences first hand. 

We know parenting isn’t easy, but we do know that confident, happy, parents make for the best parents with a happy child.

get parenting tips on your phone

The Goldilocks Suit uses all the monitoring data to provide parenting tips to make it easier to care for your baby. A wealth of information in the palm of your hand 24/7.

what have the reactions been?

Amazing comments from parents

The Goldilocks Suit has gone through a number of testing sessions, evaluations and research groups to refine the features. Each step has helped us better understand what parents want in a baby monitoring device.

“I love to track feeds, because when I wake up in the night I can't remember the last feed or if she is due”


“Tracking temperature is great to work out why they at woke 3-4am”


“It tracks everything automatically, that is so so so handy!”


“Its nice knowing my baby is comfortable and developing as well as he can”


“I wish there was something like this to monitor my baby when I had my child”


“Goldilocks has achieved impressive milestones in the program including building the team and developing their version 3 product”

Medtech Actuator

never forget feeding time again

The Goldilocks Suit not only monitors, but records all the important information you need to help with your baby parenting like when was the last feeding time. A wealth of information in the palm of your hand 24/7.

The Goldilocks suit

Common questions about the Goldilocks Suit and App

Safety and materials

Does it emit emissions from the transmissions?

The Goldilocks module does emit an RF signal to connect the module to the phone. It is a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) signal that has an incredibly low transmit power.

  • The maximum transmit power allowed in the US is 1mW/cm^2
  • A typical mobile phone transmits at 0.12mW/cm^2
  • Bluetooth Low Energy transmits at 0.001mW/cm^2.


So our monitoring module is 100 times less powerful than a typical mobile phone. We have also had our device independently checked by a NATA accredited 3rd party to ensure the safety of Goldilocks.

What is the type of battery being used?

The battery is a very low powered 3V Li-ion battery, it is fully enclosed and sealed. We developed the product to be suitable to be used on infants and this includes the latest Bluetooth BLE V5.0 which has extremely low emissions.

Is the baby singlet material re-usable and how many do you get?

You get two singlets of the chosen size from 0000 to 1 which are machine washable on a gentle cycle. Extra singlets will be available from AUD$30 each.

What if the baby vomits or spills food on the singlet material?

It has been designed and made to be washable on a light machine cycle. You receive two singlets with each purchase so that you can interchange them as required. Extra singlets are available for purchase separately and you use the same bluetooth module.

Is the Goldilocks Suit safe to use on a baby?

We have conducted numerous tests to ensure the safety of this device. We have had these tests independently verified by a NATA certified testing body.

We have also run a number of trials to test the safety of Goldilocks in situation.

We use high grade Australian manufacturers where possible to ensure a safe and reliable product. Everything is assembled and goes through our stringent testing procedures in our Australian factory.

Can you use your phone as a baby monitor?
Yes the Goldilocks Suit has been specifically designed to monitor your baby via an Apple iOS or Android smartphone. So you can have your phone in your pocket to receive alterts and notifications while your baby’s most important information is being monitored for you.
Are baby breathing monitors worth it?

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is the sudden unexplained death of a child of less than one year of age. In many cases the cause isn’t identified but many suggest it can be due to babies having breathing difficulties when they sleep face down, they may re-breathe exhaled carbon dioxide.

Research shows that monitors do not help prevent SIDS and often cause more anxiety in parents then they reduce.

Can a breathing monitor help prevent SIDS?

The Goldilocks Suit can help to monitor your baby’s breathing so that if you are in another room, sleeping or have left your baby momentarily, the app can send you an alert if their breathing pattern changes. However this is for peace of mind and is not intended to track SIDS.

Our unique technology records your baby’s activities to monitor important things such as breathing, the temperature of their body or the room, sleep and even feeding patterns to aid baby parenting.

Is monitoring a baby's temperature useful?

A baby temperature monitor can be useful to receive a warning if there is a change in the baby’s temperature to give you the information you need and potential early warning indicators. 

When you combine this with the Goldilocks Suit’s ability to monitor breathing it means you are getting information on two important areas of your baby’s wellbeing.

How do you know if a baby has mucus in their lungs?

If your baby has noisy or more noticeable breathing patterns it could be a sign they have mucus in their lungs & you should seek professional medical advice. The Goldilocks Suit monitors breathing patterns and provide you with information on how that may be changing over time.

Where are the components made?
Everything is made in Australia except for the raw material for the singlet. Goldilocks is proudly manufactured and assembled in Australia.
Are the components recyclable?
The singlets are recyclable. If you wish to recycle the module you can send it to us and we will recycle it or dispose of it at our local eWaste recycling plant.
How is the module attached, can it fall off?

The module is installed into a fabric pouch on a singlet, so it can only be pulled out one way and it would be difficult for your child to remove unassisted.

The module is 35x65mm, an object is considered swallowable if it is less than 32x32mm. So if your infant does manage to remove the module, it is too big to be swallowed.

What type of material is being used for the suit?

The material of the singlet is high grade organic cotton. This is due to its low environmental impact and the reduced amount of toxicity exposure possible to your baby. With every product bought you receive two singlets that can be washed and re-used.


Is the device accurate?
The data is trending and indicative, it should not be used for a clinical diagnosis. We have very stringent tests that our devices are put through before they are sent out to ensure they meet current standards. These have been validated against medical grade equipment.
Does it attach directly to a pulse?

The methodology behind the detection of biosignals is well established and has been used for several years. There have been numerous studies to show that the way we collect biosignals closely resembles what your infant is feeling.

We have also validated this in our testing against medical grade equipment.

Can data get lost from the module?

The module can store 15hrs worth of data. So if your phone is out of range for more than 15hrs you will lose some data, we only keep the latest 15hrs on the module which is nearly a full day and will satisfy most situations.

Bluetooth connectivity

What version of Bluetooth will be used?
We chose BLE 5.0. We chose Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) because of the low output and usage. Version 5.0 is the latest version of BLE and has improved capabilities and performance over its predecessors
Can it use a WiFi signal if the Bluetooth drops out?

There isn’t the need for WiFi with Goldilocks as we use the latest Bluetooth Version 5.0 which typically makes connectivity between devices more reliable than other wireless alternatives.

Our module will store up to 15 hours of data in case you do lose a connection.

How reliable is a Bluetooth connection?

The app clearly states when the phone is connected with the Goldilocks. If your phone has its Bluetooth turned on and is paired with Goldilocks, BLE 5.0 will cover a distance of up to 100m and it should cover most houses (unless the signal is significantly blocked by the baby being on their stomach or some other means).

If you go out of the house or further then 100m from your baby the signal will drop out and you will not receive any alerts, until you come back in range and are paired again. The model can store up to 15 hours of data if this is the case.

Some homes may have thick walls or other environmental interference that may cause signal distance to be reduced.

What is the operating distance of the module?

BLE 5.0 will cover most residential homes and up to 100m approximately.

However the range could be much less if the baby is on their stomach or the signal is significantly blocked by other means such as local interference, thick walls etc. 

The module stores up to 15 hours of data and will re-connect when it finds a signal again.

If I'm driving my car can I take phone calls still?

Most phones allow for at least 5 bluetooth devices to be paired to it at any one time. If you only have Goldilocks and hands free connected, there should be no communication issues. The module will record data for up to 15 hours in case it does lose a connection.

Although we don’t recommend taking phone calls while driving with your baby on board.

Battery life

How long will a battery last for, is it rechargeable?
The battery is a rechargeable 3V Li-ion battery that will last up to 24hrs on full charge. It will last for over 360 charge cycles and has a 1 year guarantee.
Can the battery be changed?
The battery will last for up to 1 year and should not need to be changed. If it requires changing the unit will need to be sent back to Goldilocks for repair.
How does it monitor when the module is charging?
It is not recommended to have the module attached to the baby whilst it is being charged. If you want monitoring whilst the module is being charged, you will have to buy 2 modules. It is possible to have 2 modules giving information to one baby profile.
How do you recharge the module?
There is a standard microUSB port on the module. You will need to connect the module to the microUSB cable which is connected to power. The battery will take 1hr for it to fully charge.
How do you know when the battery is running low?
There is an LED on the module which warns you the battery is running low. You should have up to 2hrs of normal battery use left when you see this alert. If the module is connected to the app, the app will also inform you your battery is getting low.
Does the module get hot from the battery?
The battery is very low voltage (3V) and is completely enclosed. You should not feel any heat from the module at all and your baby will feel comfortable.

Warranty and durability

What is the warranty on the device?
There is a 1 year warranty on all module and singlets, they will be automatically replaced or refunded if there is any issue not cause by deliberate damage or recklessness
Can the device get wet?
The module is water resistant, it is not water proof. It is not recommended to be immersed in water. The singlets are completely machine washable on a fragile cycle
What if the device stops working do I lose my data?
You will retain the data on the app under your profile, until you delete the app. When you receive a new device you will need to pair the device and it will continue to load data to your profile.
If the suit gets torn or damaged what happens?

If the damage is due to a manufacturing fault then it will be replaced or refunded. Goldilocks Pty Ltd adheres to all the current ACL requirements, you can read our full terms and conditions here.

Can I add other information into the app?
Not at this stage but we are constantly working on new ideas and developments
Can the App be used on multiple devices?
The data can be transferred to any device so long as you are logged on the same profile. The data is collected then sent to a database and the information is pushed to all devices logged onto that profile.


What version of Android does the App?

The App should work on BLE compatible mobile phones with Android OS or later. It may work on older versions but all development has been done on more modern handsets and versions of Android OS 

What version of iOS does the App need?

The App should work on BLE compatible mobile phones with iOS 10 or later. It may work on older versions but all development has been done on more modern handsets and versions of Apple iOS

I have a baby monitor, do I need a Goldilocks Suit?
Most monitoring products will provide a single function like temperature. The unique part about Goldilocks is that it provides a lot more information about your baby’s general well being and monitors multiple vital signs such as core temperature, room temperature, breathing, how well your baby is feeding and sleep monitoring. So for example Goldilocks is there to provide information on when and why your baby is crying as well as what you can do about it, while tracking all the occurrences in our app for future reference
I have a video monitor, can I use a Goldilocks Suit?

It is possible to use Goldilocks alongside video monitoring and most other forms of monitoring. However as yet our system doesn’t synchronise with with any particular brand of baby video monitor. 

Goldilocks can compliment the use of a stand alone baby baby monitor as the devices will be doing different things. Goldilocks will be tracking and recording important vitals like breathing and temperature while a video monitor will let you see your baby when you like.

Together they can provide a great way to improve the parenting of your new baby

How can I view or share my data with other people?
The data is stored on an iOS or Android device and can be shared with other people by revealing the device screen to them.


Can baby monitors get hacked?

As with anything electronic it can be hacked. We have tried to ensure that it is as secure as possible by using a HIPAA database, Bluetooth Low Energy technology and coding the app to high standards. 

However most of this is dependent on the security of your profile including password, how you secure your mobile phone etc.

So it is quite possible even the best baby monitors in the world might be compromised if the right precautions aren’t taken.

Where is the data being stored?

The data is stored on an Australian HIPAA certified server. We have carefully carefully selected the provider their seamless operations that have been in place for a number of years. 

Who can access the data from the App?
Goldilocks algorithm developers and the app developers. No one else can access it unless you consent.We will never share your data with a third party without your consent.
How is the data kept safe & available?

The data is stored on an Australian HIPAA certified server. We have carefully carefully selected the provider their seamless operations that have been in place for a number of years. 

A HIPAA compliant server is one that follows the guidelines defined by HIPAA to prevent medical record information data breaches. ePHI data breaches can be detrimental to individual or entity reputations and result in severe legal consequences