Learn more about the team who have collaborated closely to develop the Goldilocks Suit.

Goldilocks Suit Pty Ltd in The Advertiser with Shem Richards on Thursday May 7 2020
Shem Richards from Goldilocks Suit Pty Ltd with his newborn baby
Jamin Richards from Goldilocks Suit Pty Ltd with his baby
Shem Richards fromm Goldilocks Suit Pty Ltd with his baby and wife
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Goldilocks Suit baby monitoring device product mock up concept drawing
Goldilocks Suit baby monitoring device suit onesie product mock up concept drawing

The Goldilocks Suit is a new baby monitoring system that blends the biomedical expertise of Shem Richards with his wife Laura’s passion for seeing people nurture and grow. Their idea was spawned from their own personal experiences as parents, raising their newborn babies and encountering all the typical parenting problems everyone faces.

So by combining their life passions and using the most cutting-edge technology available, they developed the Goldilocks Suit to help parents understand what their babies are feeling, to monitor things like breathing or temperature and remove any doubts with all the information being tracked 24/7 via an easy to use App.

Shem Richards Biomedical Engineer Entrepreneur Medical Device Expert and founder of of Goldilocks Suit Pty Ltd

Shem Richards



Shem is a father as well as a Biomedical Engineering consultant. He has over 8 years of experience working for leading healthcare facilities around Australia such as SA Health and Electro Medical Group. During this time he designed and maintained world class medical devices. He holds a Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering and is a PRINCE2 practitioner.
Jamin Richards Director of Goldilocks Suit Pty Ltd

Jamin Richards



Jamin is a father and a Product Development manager. He has previously worked with KPMG as a Private Enterprise accountant and led Kiwibank’s operational improvement squad. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Finance and is an alumni of IDEO U, a design thinking centre based in San Francisco.
Elodie is the Health Partnerships Manager at Goldilocks Suit Pty Ltd

Elodie RIchards


Health Partnerships Manager

Elodie is our Health Partnerships Manager at Goldilocks. She has just completed a Bachelor of Business majoring in Health Services Management at the University of South Australia. Elodie has worked in the health sector for many years and she will be helping us grow and foster relationships with health providers.

our advisory committee

The creation of the Goldilocks Suit would not have been possible without the incredible contributions from our advisory committee. Each person has provided incredible insights and learnings to the development of our baby unique monitoring system.

Dr Michelle Perugini

Co-Founder and CEO at Presagen

Dr Michelle Perugini is an entrepreneur, academic and an internationally renowned expert in health, medical research, advanced analytics, and cognitive AI.

Michelle led large complex research projects that translated genetic mutation analysis (bioinformatics) to clinical treatments for cancer patients. She was also the pioneer of new methods in proteomics that now drive drug discovery.

In 2007 Michelle co-founded the innovative start-up ISD Analytics where she led the research and development, and commercialisation, of its award winning human-population behaviour predictive analytics software product Simulait.

Brent Hill

Director of Marketing SA Tourism

Executive Director of Marketing at South Australian Tourism Commission Executive leader & CMO.

Brent is a marketing communications specialist in tourism, finance & banking, telecommunications and retail.

He was ranked at #21 Australia’s CMO50 ’18, #24 ’19. Brent is an Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) SA Patron, on the advisory committe of the Adelaide Thunderbirds, a board member of ATDW & exec committee member of UNESCO City of Music.

Brian Cunningham

CEO Cunningham & Associates

Brian is a renowned leader of Australian businesses.

Brian’s success comes from leading significant change programs throughout his career. This is seen through his experience as a Chief Executive for over 20 years in a number of sectors on both State and National levels.

Brian is now a successful Executive Coach and is highly sought by executives at all levels in government, private enterprise and elite sport.

“What attracted me to the Goldilocks project was both the simplicity and the contemporary nature of the project. What Shem articulated in a very short space of time made sense, you could see the need for it, and you can see the market for this kind of product. The information given to parents is not extensive, and data is clearly what will assist parents with making better decisions – so Goldilocks fills a gap in the market, and also socially provides a really desirable outcome – helping parents be better parents!

The tech involved with Goldilocks is also the kind that when you are told of the project, intuitively makes sense. Generally in a tech age that we now live in, we expect data at our fingertips, the ease of carrying a mountain of information on our mobile phones, and yet no-one had seemingly solved or provided a solution for the issue of data on your child – even though this was an issue that was universally felt by so many.

Shem and the team that he has put together are professional, going about things the right way, and it was a no-brainer to lend my support to the venture”

Brent Hill
Director of Marketing SA Tourism

support partners

The Goldilocks Suit has an incredible wealth of information being processed that can help monitor temperature, sleep, hunger & then record that data to provide the information you need. We have been fortunate to work with amazing support partners who are experts in their fields.

Donna is a private Midwife who specialises in supporting women through both pregnancy and post birth. Donna has extensive experience working with many Adelaide based Obstetricians and Paediatricians. Donna is the founding Director of the Mother Nurture website. 

Donna has also developed a range of lactation cookies and a fantastic e-learning course helping new parents through the first 8 weeks of parenthood called “The Baby Manual”. She has been running her own business for over 10 years balancing her professional career & raising her two children.

Michael has over 20 years expertise as a Professor in Clinical Child Psychology with expertise in the assessment and treatment of insomnia plus Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders in infants, children, adolescents and adults.

He is an education professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) focused in Psychology from Flinders University. He is the leader at WINK who are a group of sleep scientists and sleep therapists that collectively have treated 1000’s people and have conducted 100+ studies about sleep since 1998.
Medtech Actuator supports MedTech innovators who want to change the face of healthcare. They help start ups and innovators to deploy killer technology, build a company, find investors and build industry expertise. They do this by helping with every thing from product design and development to clinical trial, IP, commercialisation strategy and finance experts.

partner agreements

parents will have access to the work from expert sleep scientists right from the Goldilocks app. Professor Gradisar will be creating content exclusively for Goldilocks parents. This content will step parents through what they can do when Goldilocks detects a habit of sleeplessness with their baby to provide reassurance when it is needed most.

We’re excited to be able to team up with Goldilocks Suit. It’s an intuitive partnership – that at its heart – is dedicated to help families navigate the roller-coaster ride of their baby’s sleep. At the end of the day, we’re all about sleep education – transferring those pieces of information that we know are backed by scientific evidence. So we know they work.

Dr. Michael Gradisar – Director of Wink Sleep Online


Mother Nurture
our app will have clinical-grade parenting advice videos, curated specifically for Goldilocks Suit parents. These videos will step parents through what they can do when the suit detects a health anomaly in their infant – providing reassurance when it is needed most.

we have access to the ThincLab facilities in Adelaide to get the tools, resources and networks required to successfully collaborate, disrupt and innovate.

MedTech Actuator
access to a venture-backed programs that aggressively fund and accelerate medical, health and biological technology startups, working alongside venture partner Artesian to support startups.

Goldilocks Suit Pty Ltd Supporting Partners