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8 Useful Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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Struggling to find a clever and unique present for a baby shower? Uncertain of what might be useful? Look no further.

Ever struggled with baby shower gift ideas? Uncertain of what mums want these days? There are so many options for pregnancy gifts, having a newborn is entering the big unknown. But we made a list of the top 8 useful baby shower gifts that we like. Ones that often busy mums forget to get for themselves.


Legging, nursing bras and comfortable tops never go astray. As your body is rapidly adjusting, you need clothes to suit and often you can’t justify the cost because its for such a short amount to time. So, getting gifts like this can never go wrong. But don’t forget its not just about mum, there’s nothing cuter then newborn clothes. Don’t forget to pick up a sneaky outfit or two for bubs. As if you needed any encouragement!

Skin Cream

Not only are your clothing sizes rapidly changing but so is your skin. Your skin is an amazingly elastic organ, but sometimes it can do with a little help to stop stretch marks. Also, during this time because your hormones are all over the place sometimes this effects your skin and irritations and rashes occur. Having a nice go-to cream to give your skin a helping hand can be a life saver. We loved Moo, but find one that works for you.

Baby Carrier

Generally, you buy a pram, but find it hard to justify a baby carrier. But if you enjoy getting out and about a bit, often a pram isn’t suitable. Or sometimes (I’m sure this wont happen,) babies are whingy and just want to be held, but mum has things to do, in those circumstances a baby carrier is a life saver. There are several varieties when it comes to baby carriers, there is the more modern, simpler baby carriers like the Baby Bjorn. Or you could opt for the cheaper, more traditional wrap to hold your baby.

Labour, Delivery and Postpartum Care packs

There’s no other way to say it, birthing a newborn is painful! And busy mums often forget about there recovery, because they are so focused on their new baby. So if you can help her prepare for recovery, she will thank you later. We recommend this local manufacturer who creates a lovely product.


When you bring a new baby home from hospital the last thing you think of is, your food. Having a voucher to a meal delivery company like UberEats will never go astray. If you have an aversion to UberEats there are also food delivery companies like Marley Spoon which deliver fresh ingredients.


Getting a bit more techie, the ultimate bassinet is the Snoo. Unfortunately, it is out of the reach of most parents, but with the help of a few generous friends this is an amazing gift for new parents. Also guaranteed to be the largest present at the baby shower…..just saying

Pronto Bottle

We love local, baby innovations and especially love what Pronto Bottle is doing. They are the world’s first self-sanitising baby bottle. Perfectly suited to the busy mum and makes baby bottle sanitising so much cleaner and easier.


Naturally, we think the best gift for the baby shower is Goldilocks. There is nothing more stressful then bringing a baby home from the hospital and anything that can help reduce the stress and anxiety is worth its weight in gold. The nice thing about Goldilocks is that you can just buy a singlet or you can go in as a group and buy the starter pack.

Goldilocks is the next generation of baby monitors. Seamlessly integrated into the baby singlet is sensors which detect: feeding, sleeping, breathing and temperature patterns of their baby. The advanced algorithms in our app then use this data to become a cry interpreter. This is incredibly useful for new parents, especially at 3am when you don’t want a phone call! Buy it now and thank us later.

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The Team at Goldilocks Pty Ltd

The Team at Goldilocks Pty Ltd

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