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Do you want to enrol in the best, absolutely FREE, online antenatal class that is run by obstetricians and midwives? Of course, you do! Read below for more info on how to sign up.

How to enrol?

To enroll in our online antenatal classes, simply enter your details below and we will take it from there-

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What is the content of the antenatal course?

Here is a sample of the type of content you can expect to see:

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But we don’t just talk about infant first aid, some of the other content pieces we have are:

Donna (our midwife) and Dr. Anneliese (Obs/Gynae) discussing:

  1. Public vs Private Healthcare for giving birth
  2. Things to talk about in your midwife/obstetrician appointments
  3. Monitoring your baby’s movements, and what to look out for
  4. The Whooping Cough Vaccination
  5. Induced labour, what to expect, and why we might do it
  6. What to expect when you waters break
Donna (our midwife) talks all things stillbirth, including:
  1.  Tips to reduce stillbirth
  2. How to raise your concerns with clinicians
  3. Dispelling myths around stillbirth
  4. How to bring up the topic with friends.
Donna (our midwife) speaks with Dr. Nathan (Anaesthesiologist) about:
  1. Why its a good idea to speak to an anaesthesiologist during pregnancy
  2. What to expect during a cesaerean 
  3. What to expect during an epidural
  4. How and why we might induce pregnancy
  5.  The risks and side effects of having intervention during birth
We also talk a lot about pregnancy generally, labour, breastfeeding, infant formula, and many other things. 

We cover everything that might happen during a ‘normal’, natural birth and the worst-case scenario. It’s better to be prepared, than go into it not knowing.

What is the format?

We will send an email every week with information, insights and suggestions. The email’s will have some written content and some videos you can look at in the comfort of your own time.

We strongly suggest reading/watching all the content with your partner and your birth plan at your side so that you can talk about it and discuss it later. This is the best way to retain the information and make sure you are both on the same page.

It’s an offer too good to refuse, sign up now!

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Our code of practise and the way we operate

We try to 

  1. Listen more than talk
  2. Understand more than judge
  3. The grass isn’t always greener
  4. Friendship can be for a reason, a season or a lifetime
  5. Trust your mumstincts

We are so judgemental at times especially if it is a situation we haven’t been in. This parenthood is difficult and at time your realise the ‘rules’ are not really that official.

Bath once a day, once a week its up to you.

Burp don’t burp- its up to you.

Breastfeed or bottle feed its up to you.

We encourage all new mums to look at their family situation and small humans and make the best decisions that they can. To be safe and to trust their instincts.

On of the hardest things for the adapting new mum can be the changes in friendships. This can make you feel like you are missing out or your group of friends offer advice or judgement that isn’t helpful. It is important to know that things change, friendships change. Sometimes you see a good friend every day then other times its once a year.

So on mothers day lets be good friends and support to our fellow members of the motherhood journey.

Please try and adapt the motherhood code to your day to day interactions. Remember your kind words can be the thing that helps a new mummy smile and be proud of herself. 

Who are we? And why are we giving this gold away?

We are Goldilocks and we a passionate about helping new parents navigate the difficulties of raising a newborn. We have had 5 children between us and we want you to have an easier time than us, we found it so difficult to find good content at an affordable price. 

But we did not create this content by ourselves, we had the help of some world-class clinicians including midwives, anaesthesiologists, pediatricians, obstetricians and more. 

We are super passionate about making pregnancy care available to anyone who needs it. And so we don’t just offer antenatal information, we also have created a postpartum product. For more information about our postpartum product, see the video below


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The Team at Goldilocks Pty Ltd

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