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Common Problems

I cant click on ‘create an account’

This is because

– Goldilocks module is not close enough to the phone

– Goldilocks module is not on (blue, green or red flashing light)

If there is still issues, contact


When I log back on the app shows ‘not connected’

Just wait for 30 seconds until the app queries the module again. The app only knows it is connected when it receives ‘packets’ of information from the Goldilocks module. If after 1 min the app is still saying not connected

– Check the Goldilocks module is on (blue, green or red flashing light)

If there is still issues, contact


The temperature isn’t changing

Goldilocks takes temperature every 30 seconds and this should be updated on the app. If this is not happening, there could be:

– Not in range – the Bluetooth signal should cover a standard house, but potentially there is something blocking the signal. This could be your baby lying on their stomach, too many walls between you and the signal. Try moving closer and see if that helps.

– Issues with connector – make sure there is a good connection between module and connector

– Issues with connector – make sure there is nothing on the magnets in the connector that could be interfering with the connection

– Issues with the connector – make sure the connection points are clean. If they aren’t – clean with toothbrush or electronic contact cleaner. If you do use electronic contact cleaner – make sure they are completely dry before connecting module and make sure contact cleaner doesn’t get on the plastic

If there is still issues, contact


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