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Safety and Independence


Goldilocks for Home Care

Improving the value of care

Continuous monitoring

The Goldilocks system allows for monitoring anywhere, anytime

Focus your efforts where they are needed knowing Goldilocks is automatically monitoring for wandering, falls, lack of movement, lack of sleep, respiration difficulties, skin and core temperature. 

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Early Intervention and Prevention

The Goldilocks’s machine learning detect issues at the earliest possible moment

Because Goldilocks is worn 24/7 by seniors, it allows time for our AI to build a personalised profile of what looks ‘normal’ for them. This allows Goldilocks to detect abnormalities as early as possible.

Goldilocks can then triage these interventions to send notifications to casual carers or professional carers.

virtual coaching

Non-drug solution to dementia care

Goldilocks provides coaching and advice to help seniors reduce the risk of cognitive decline. A non-drug solution reduces the risk of confusion and falls. 

Goldilocks does this by promoting activities that encourage social, mental and physical engagement.

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Retail Goldilocks

Become a wholesaler or referral partner

Home-aged care providers can purchase Goldilocks wholesale or refer clients to purchase it through the Home Care Packages.

To find out how you can be part of the Goldilocks family, please contact us on


Goldilocks improves workflows

current care model of home aged care providers
Goldilocks model of care for home aged care providers

case study

Goldilocks received the SA Innovation Challenge Grant and developed Goldilocks for adults (based on their already successful Goldilocks for infants product). This grant culminated in a 3-month trial with 20 seniors. Some of the results from this study were:

  • On average, trial participants wore Goldilocks for 14 hours a day.
  • Goldilocks was able to identify sedentary and non-sedentary behaviour in adults.
  • Goldilocks was able to detect adverse sleep and respiration events.
  • Goldilocks was able to detect high temperatures in adults.


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