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Goldilocks at PBC Expo 2022

PBC Expo
Goldilocks is going to the Melbourne parents, babies and children (pbc) expo in OCT 2022

We are excited to announce Goldilocks will have a stand on the 15-16th of October at Melbourne for the PBC Expo 2022. 

We are please to be able to offer you a discount off your ticket price, if you use the coupon code C23JCDS using this link.

There are more great deals on the day, including 25% OFF your Goldilocks Baby Monitor.

What is the Goldilocks Baby Monitor?

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Three years ago, Goldilocks founder Shem Richards was blessed with a daughter. At the hospital, his daughter was perfect and they had all the support they could need. Then they brought her home and she started crying.

“In a sleep deprived and stressed mindset, we forgot all that information that we knew cerebrally. We constantly questioned ourselves: Is she hungry? Is she too hot or cold? Is she tired?”


“I set about coming up with a solution for parents that is easy to use and that answers the simple questions they so often have.”
says Shem

This led to the establishment of Goldilocks as a next generation baby monitoring company based in Adelaide, Australia.

What does Goldilocks do?

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The Goldilocks Suit can monitor many things

Welcome to the future of parenting. The team at Goldilocks have created a cutting-edge smart clothes device developed to help monitor and record your baby’s growth.

It is more than just a simple baby monitor. It can help make parenting easier by monitoring multiple aspects of the growth of your baby wherever you are, 24/7, recording it all in our App for iOS or Android.

Remove the doubts and become a more purposeful parent.

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Amazing comments from parents

The Goldilocks Suit has gone through a number of testing sessions, evaluations and research groups to refine the features. Each step has helped us better understand what parents want in a baby monitoring device.

"Tracking temperature is great to work out why they woke at 6am"
"I wish there was something like this to monitor my baby when I had my baby"
"It tracks everything automatically, that is so so handy"
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"Goldilocks gave me reassurance everything was ok, despite not being able to access other resources as easily during lockdown.
"It is nice knowing my baby is comfortable and developing as well as they can
"I love to track feeds, because when I wake up in the night I can't remember the last feed or if they are due"
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The Team at Goldilocks Pty Ltd

The Team at Goldilocks Pty Ltd

We've designed the unique Goldilocks Suit baby monitoring system to help make parenting easier.

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